Welcome to ALSTAR

We are very excited to invite you to a whole new user experience for your trusted program for product registrations! The day has finally arrived that we can share with you what we have been so diligently developing over the past three years. Yes, it has been a long road and we thank you for all your input.

This is our first major product update to the ALSTAR Program since its inception. We were limited to what the old system allowed us to offer but strived to improve the product over the years where possible.

Since the initial launch of ALSTAR, new technologies have emerged. We have learned a lot over the past decades and have continued to innovate through the active participation of our industry and state members. To those past and present - Thank you!

We have increased our security with enhanced user accounts that supports two-factor authentication which you will find when you hit the Login button above.

For more information on the new ALSTAR project, please visit ALSTAR Information.

If you are interested in participating or just inquiring, please send us an email at alstar@ceris.purdue.edu and one of our wonderful CERIS staff will contact you.